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Professional media recording 

Have you ever completed an event you are so so proud of and yet have little to no record of the event?

You tell people but it’s hard to describe and convey the sheer excitement, thrill and achievement you felt.

Perhaps you even have a few photos, but you know it’s difficult to get good photos when you’re the one carrying out the event and it needs all your concentration!

What if you had someone dedicated to recording your climb up the mountain or any adventure you’re undertaking, the effort you put in, the team work, your highs and lows and your thrill at reaching the top or completing the task? What if you finished your adventurous event and you had a documentary on DVD of the event or a CD ROM full of professional pictures?

With Northern Angel Media you can. Chris Hall is a professional moving and still footage cameraman, and he can record your event for lasting nostalgia. So, soon after the event you can have a moving or still memory of the event, you, your team and your friends can watch again and again.

All at a surprisingly reasonable price.


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